Vegaste Technologies launches to better serve Canadian market

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Vegaste Technologies has launched its new domain to better serve the Canadian market.

The new .ca domain will allow PlantX, the one-stop-shop for everything plant-based and the digital face of the plant-based community, to strengthen its Canadian presence and ability to offer its growing plant-based product line to Canadian consumers using its e-commerce platform.

The new domain will feature a growing list of partnerships with Canadian companies including Vita Life Fresh Market and UpMeals to offer plant-based vitamins, supplements, groceries, PlantX-branded water and plant-based meals made by LA-based chef Gregg Drusinsky.

In addition to its e-commerce functionality, the site will offer Canadian consumers weekly updated plant-based recipes, restaurant resources and connects like-minded users in a community forum.

“Having a “.ca” domain is very exciting for us as a Canadian-based company,” said Sean Dollinger, PlantX founder “We plan to use this as an example of what we can do around the world as we expand, continue making new partnerships, and offer the best products and experience in every market.”

“At PlantX we’ve built our online platform with a different set of inventory, shipping logistics, payment processors, and other logistics separated by region,” says Alexandra Hoffman, PlantX Chief Marketing Officer. “Dividing the company traffic among different domains makes the company’s regional logistics systems better. I work very close with our development team, and it’s so exciting to see how quickly we can deploy sites for new locations.”

Since its inception in October, 2019, the Company’s PlantX platform has quickly emerged as an industry leader. As the fledgling plant-based sector continues its explosive growth, the Company will be at the forefront by continually evolving and delivering new ways to expand PlantX. With its forward-looking, cutting edge approach, the Company will continue to secure significant partnerships across North America while exploring innovative ways to expand both its e-commerce capabilities and digital resources to help educate, inspire, and uplift consumers.

SOURCE: Vegaste Technologies Corp.

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