Maple syrup season is officially upon us

By Shelby Morrison, Order Up blog March 10, 2016 While it is not quite spring, the beginning of March signals the arrival of another exciting time: the start of maple syrup season. However, this year is a little different because of the warmer than usual weather we have been experiencing. Maple syrup season has started […]

Make-ahead desserts

By Shelby Morrison, Order Up blog March 2, 2016 Preparing dinner, no matter how big or small the crowd, can get quite busy. Especially if you are having a dinner party, cooking at a restaurant or preparing for the holidays, it seems as if there are always a million things to do. On the day […]

Seaweed is not just for sushi anymore

By Shelby Morrison, Order Up blog February 24, 2016 As people are starting to eat healthier, new foods are being showcased and eaten for their health properties. Although you may be used to only seeing seaweed in sushi rolls, prepare to be exposed to more uses for it this year. Seaweed is really gaining popularity […]

Two-ingredient recipes that are easy and delicious

By Shelby Morrison, Order Up blog February 18, 2016 After a long day, following a complicated recipe can be the last thing you want to do. You may be shocked to hear that two ingredients may be all you need to make some delicious recipes. Creating food and desserts with just two ingredients is simple […]

Sweeten up your Valentine’s Day

By Shelby Morrison, Order Up blog Whether you are coupled up or just want to share the love with friends and family, Valentine’s Day is always a wonderful excuse to celebrate. It is also the perfect excuse to eat sweet treats and indulge. What could be better than spending time with the one(s) you love […]