restaurant consultations

Complimentary restaurant consultations now available

fsSTRATEGY regularly conducts operations reviews for foodservice operators. To give back to the restaurant community, the consulting firm is offering a limited number of complimentary Operations Review consultations. The Operations Reviews will be conducted virtually due to current restrictions.

During these consultations, fsSTRATEGY will discuss your restaurant’s operations and review control systems. The company will identify any areas where the restaurant is performing below foodservice industry best practices.

Following the virtual consulting review, you will receive:

  • a report with recommendations to address any identified issues
  • templates for various tools to track costs and reduce waste
  • instructions for implementation (as applicable)

These restaurant consultations are provided on a complimentary, first-come, first-serve basis during the lockdown. 

To book your complimentary operations review consultation, please contact Travis Traini at [email protected].