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7shifts launches free online restaurant management academy

Restaurant management has always been testing work but in today’s age, it’s an incredibly challenging job. Balancing staff requirements, food costs, and other operational concerns alongside the need to maximize revenues to retain often razor-thin margins is no enviable task.

Thankfully, Canadian-based team management company 7shifts has released its new 7shifts Academy, described as a free and purpose-built online learning platform designed to help today’s restaurateurs gain the skills necessary to grow their hospitality careers.

7shifts’ 2020 State of Restaurant Labor Management report found that 50 per cent of hospitality professionals want more training and professional development opportunities in order to stay engaged and working in the hospitality industry.

7shifts Academy aims to solve this problem by providing free online courses for restaurant workers, owners, and operators with structured courses that will help expand their knowledge in key industry concepts and grow their careers and businesses.

The Academy will include four course modules available to registrants, each of which covers important topics for restaurants and features a variety of lessons that are catered to every learning style, with video walkthroughs, blog articles, case studies, podcast episodes, and downloadable tools.

The four courses available are:

  1. Scheduling: Participants will learn how to create and manage a schedule for optimal restaurant staffing.
  2. Daily Restaurant Management: Consisting of video and audio lessons, blog posts, and real-life case studies, the course covers topics such as facilitating an effective work environment and avoiding common pitfalls.
  3. Hiring & Training: Learn how to hire the right people and how to train them up effectively. Participants will learn how to create a staff training manual, effectively interview, and evaluate team performance.
  4. Marketing: Learn how to get in front of customers and get them in your seats. Lessons include creating a marketing plan, and digital marketing best practices for restaurants.

“7shifts is singularly focused on helping restaurants streamline operations with our team management platform that gives them everything they need to better manage their business,” said 7shifts founder and CEO, Jordan Boesch. “By providing world-class training & education for restaurant professionals we are adding to the value we provide to restaurants everywhere, and ultimately hope to provide the resources and training restaurant professionals need so they see hospitality as part of their long-term career paths.”

7Shifts notes that as the industry evolves, new modules will be added to provide restaurant professionals with the most up-to-date, relevant information.

Future course modules include important restaurant management topics including cost controls, labour compliance, and tip management.

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