holiday eggnog

Five festive cocktails to add to your holiday menu

By Shelby Morrison

The holidays are a time to celebrate, so why not get the party started with an inspired cocktail? Drinks are just as important (if not more!) as the food during the holidays and should be well thought out. Having a fabulous cocktail to offer your guests will put them in the holiday spirit right from the start of their visit.

The below cocktail ideas can be added to your menu for a festive twist this time of the year.


Just because guests aren’t sipping refreshing sangria on a patio, it doesn’t mean they can’t still enjoy a glass (or two). By switching up some of the ingredients, sangria is actually the perfect holiday drink. Try using warm flavours such as cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg to spice up the drink. Garnish with winter fruits that are in season such as apples, pears and cranberries and garnish with a skewer of sugared cranberries.


Whether you truly enjoy eggnog or find it one of the less enjoyable flavours of the holidays, adding some alcohol can definitely help. If your guests enjoy rich and creamy cocktails, simply add bourbon or spiced rum to eggnog and top with cream or milk and a dash of grated nutmeg on top. This makes for a cozy, comforting drink to welcome guests, but can also be enjoyed after dinner.

Boozy cider

Mix together alcoholic and classic apple cider with some rye and ginger ale.  Garnished with apple slices, this sparkling cocktail will put guests in a festive mood and ready for the season. For a non-alcoholic version, omit the alcoholic cider and rye and add a splash of cranberry juice instead to create a holiday drink for all ages.

Spiked chai

To warm guests up after they’ve come in from the cold, chai is the perfect winter drink. This holiday season, combine strong chai tea with warm milk and top with a splash of bourbon or spiced rum. The warming spices of chai are sure to get guests in the holiday spirit.

Holiday champagne cocktail

This fizzy drink usually signals a celebration, and the holidays are the perfect time to celebrate! Muddle some pomegranate seeds before adding them into a mixture of pomegranate juice and champagne for a tart holiday cocktail.

No matter what you celebrate this holiday season, incorporating some festive drinks into your menu will please your guests and give them that warm and fuzzy holiday feeling. Cheers to a wonderful and joyous holiday season!

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