Starbucks’ red holiday cups have been released!

By Shelby Morrison

Nothing makes the holidays feel like they are almost here like Starbucks. As soon as those red holiday cups are released, we know it’s almost that time.

With Christmas being over a month away, Starbucks has introduced their famous holiday cups, but this time a little differently.  Usually, just one plain red cup is released and used throughout the holiday season. However, this year Starbucks is trying something new. There are a total of 13 cups available, all with different designs.

These cups were actually created by customers all over the world through a red-cup contest. Starbucks asked for customers to design cups with images of “acceptance and coming together to rejoice in the holidays, even though we celebrate different things.” Out of more than 1,200 submissions, the winning 13 cups were chosen and released by Starbucks.

Starting November 10, these cups will be available in 25,000 Starbucks locations throughout 75 countries.  This change comes after 24 years of having just one holiday cup on offer. With such diversity in the world, it is important for everyone to come together. These cups are trying to do just that with each of their unique designs.

Excitingly enough, residents of Ontario designed two out of the 13 cups. There’s nothing like some local art in your hand to get your morning started.  Enjoy a little holiday spirit while also remembering to celebrate joy and diversity with all of your Starbucks purchases this holiday season.


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