New platform launches to help chefs find kitchens to work

A new platform called Syzl launching in Toronto this week aims to match restaurants and commercial kitchens with chefs and cooks who need space on a short-term booking basis.

Described Airbnb for the kitchen, Syzl helps chefs or food entrepreneurs find a short-term, certified, and licensed kitchen on demand, while benefiting kitchen operators with new revenue opportunities.

The ultimate goal is to help solve the need for on-demand, short-term, certified, and licensed kitchens for chefs or food entrepreneurs, as well as the need to offset lost revenue and empty stations by kitchen operators or restaurants when their facilities are not being used.  

Backed by Restaurants Canada, it is launching in the Greater Toronto Area with 35 kitchens and 400 foodmakers reading for booking immediately. Expansion is already planned for Calgary and Montreal later this year.

All the necessary licensing and insurance is included as part of the offering, so the cooks who use the kitchens can sell their products to the public.

The first wave of kitchens in Toronto includes the likes of Ahma and Evelyn Chick’s bar in the Liberty Village area, Vit Beo in Dundas West, Saucy catering kitchen in Midtown and Mess Hall in Gerrard East.

“With the rise of gig economy services and ghost kitchens, we saw a gap in short-term kitchen booking for food industry professionals that hinders local innovation,” said Azrah Manji-Savin, co-founder and CEO of Syzl.

“Finding an on-demand or short-term professional, certified kitchen is a complicated process for chefs or food entrepreneurs, while for kitchen operators, closed hours, delays and empty stations are lost opportunities for revenue. We have partnered with kitchens and food makers to close that gap”

Commercial kitchen owners can list their space on the Syzl app along with availability, equipment lists, and rental rates. Kitchens can be searched by location, availability, and by equipment availability. Syzl ensures that listed kitchens are all health and safety certified, while users are insured and verified with food-handling certificates and background checks.

“Creating food for others is an incredible experience that requires the necessary financing, equipment and space to bring it to life,” said Romain Avril, Syzl advisor, Michelin Star-trained chef and owner of Romain Avril Inc. “Syzl helps open the doors for so many chefs and food creators who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to do so, while benefiting restaurants who aren’t open 24-7.”

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