veggie noodles

Veggie noodles help create a fresh, light meal

By Shelby Morrison

As delicious as noodles are, sometimes it is nice to enjoy a light, low-carb meal. Feeling like you’re indulging in noodles while doing your health and waistline a favour is basically all we could wish for.

A variety of different vegetables can be turned into noodles by using a spiralizer or slicing them very thin.  You can easily transform any noodle dish by giving it added health benefits while keeping the shape and texture very similar to what you’re used to. Any sauce that you would use on pasta is fair game here. Try out Bolognese, tomato, pesto, lemon and olive oil, or something entirely of your own making.  Regardless of how you serve them, check out some vegetable noodle ideas below for some inspiration.

  1. Zucchini

This might be the most popular, or the only veggie noodle you have heard of. Whether boiled or sautéed, the zucchini turns soft and very similar to the texture of a noodle. The taste is mild and will take on whatever flavours you add in the sauce and seasoning.

  1. Spaghetti Squash

This vegetable makes things easy for us. There is no spiralizing or chopping involved in order to mimic a noodle shape. Naturally this squash already looks like, you guessed it, spaghetti. Simply cut the squash in half, roast it in the oven, and then use a fork to scrape out the insides to get a spaghetti-like texture. Thankfully, spaghetti squash feels and tastes like delicious carbs and really makes you feel like you’re eating pasta. Once topped with your restaurant’s famous sauce, you just might trick your guests.

  1. Sweet Potato

This root vegetable has a firm texture when raw, but when cooked it can be transformed into a fabulous noodle dish. Once julienned, simply boil the sweet potatoes for a few minutes until they begin to soften. You can then finish them off in a sauté pan with the rest of your ingredients and sauce. The subtle sweetness pairs well with sauces such as curries or peanut sauce.

  1. Cucumber

If you are looking for a raw dish to serve at your restaurant, look no further. Cucumbers can easily be spiralized or julienned to make a refreshing salad. Cold noodle dishes are common on many menus, so why not give these dishes a more veggie-focused take? The cold, fresh cucumber pairs well with Asian flavours such as sesame oil and rice wine vinegar, as well as other vegetables such as peppers and cabbage.

These noodle dishes are perfect whether you are looking to add some healthier options to your menu or you just want to get creative. The challenge of making vegetables feel and taste like noodles is something you may find intriguing and exciting. With plenty of sauces, herbs, and seasonings to play with, your veggie noodle dishes are sure to please a crowd.

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