Winnipeg KFC and Taco Bell branch join Workers United union

Press release

Employees at a KFC/Taco Bell branch in Winnipeg have received union certification by the Manitoba Labour Board and will be represented by Workers United Canada Council. The joint KFC/Taco Bell restaurant, located at 1651 Regent Avenue West, is the first to be unionized in the province of Manitoba.

Taco Bell and KFC’s union of 28 workers, consisting of shift managers, food service, and customer service staff, received automatic certification after more than 65 per cent of staff signed union cards.

Some of the issues raised by employees included: concerns about health and safety, low wages and no overtime pay, unequal distribution of benefits and lack of hours.

“We are very excited and pleased to welcome these workers into our union,” said Barry Fowlie, Canadian Director of Workers United. “This demonstrates just how important card-check certification is to ensure workers have a collective voice at work in order to improve their working conditions.”

Workers United represents 10,000 workers across Canada and 150,000 workers across North America. Workers United members work in garment and textile, food service, hospitality, social services, manufacturing and distribution industries.