Staying connected through text messaging

By Barbara MacDonald Try counting the number of customers you have on any given day and then determine the percentage that have a cell phone in hand. From older children to teens to adults and seniors, everyone is staying connected. Gone are the days when a panic stricken face co-related to a wallet gone missing […]

Diana Coutu: Canada’s Pizza Queen

By Steven Chester It was a circuitous route from computer code to pizza crusts, but Diana Coutu has truly found her calling. The owner of Diana’s Gourmet Pizzeria creates award-winning pizzas through her Winnipeg family business, and has earned an international reputation for pizza perfection. Working part-time as a delivery driver, while studying computer science […]

Poultry has room for growth on breakfast menus

Poultry has room for growth on breakfast menus May 27, 2011 Consumers recently polled by Technomic say they eat chicken more frequently than any other type of meat. Despite this high rate of consumption, consumers indicate that opportunities still exist for new poultry applications, particularly at breakfast. Twenty-five per cent of chicken consumers say they […]

Pathway soiling: How to prevent it, how to remove it

By Dawn Shoemaker June 10, 2010 Most Canadians who have visited London know what the expression “Mind the Gap” means. It serves as a polite warning to passengers that there is a potentially dangerous gap between the subway platform and the subway car door. We should have a similar warning for restaurant owners and managers […]

Seven tips for a successful patio season

By Diane Chiasson Canadians never take warm weather for granted, which is good news for restaurant owners and operators.  Take advantage of this fact by setting up a patio dining area in your establishment.  Whether your property comes with a patio, courtyard or deck, or even if you are able to set up a few […]

Make a comeback: Nine restaurant advertising ideas that work

By Diane Chiasson We’ve all been experiencing the fallout of the current economic conditions and yet the experts continue to agree that advertising during slowdowns is still a good idea. Research shows that the large, successful corporations – including those in foodservice – have all maintained or increased advertising budgets from the previous year. And […]

Seven steps for successful off-premise catering

By Diane Chiasson With the holiday season rapidly approaching, there is extra business to be made in off-premise catering.  It is time to capitalize on the many businesses and companies planning their annual holiday events, or customers looking to throw a party at home. People may want a service that falls between takeout from a […]