Labour Day recipes to celebrate summer while it lasts

By Shelby Morrison

Believe it or not, September is here. This Labour Day weekend is the time to enjoy the last days of summer. The delicious summer produce you have been enjoying and serving all summer long is almost coming to an end.  Take advantage of the last official weekend of summer by savouring the season’s fruits and vegetables.  These recipe ideas below will ensure you are celebrating all that’s left of summer.

  1. Grilled peaches

Perfect as a dessert or appetizer, grilling peaches is a unique yet very tasty way to enjoy this sweet fruit. Take the savoury approach with ricotta and fresh herbs, or end off your Labour Day meal with peaches and ice cream.

  1. Corn

The days of sweet corn are numbered, so serve your customers this vegetable in any form. Whether you simply grill the cob, slather it in toppings or toss kernels into a salad, your guests will love the hint of sweetness.

  1. Peas

Snapping open peas fresh from the market is one of summer’s joys.  Consider mashed peas on crostini as an appetizer, or throwing the peas into a fresh summer salad.

  1. Pesto

Pesto is so versatile and can be made using pretty much any herb. Herbs are at their peak during the summer, and can even be grown on a windowsill or small garden out back of the restaurant. Combine your favourite herbs such as basil, parsley, or even kale with your choice of nut and olive oil. Use this pretty much in any dish such as over chicken, fish, slathered on pizza or as a pasta sauce.

  1. Blueberry pie

Dinner isn’t finished without a bite of blueberry pie. With the abundance of blueberries right now, throw them into a pie shell and toss it in the oven for a dish your customers will go wild over. Serving with vanilla ice cream is an added delicious touch.

Don’t let summer escape you just yet. Enjoy Labour Day with some good eats that are ready to impress your guests. Use this as a time to experiment with in-season produce and allow the summer freshness to shine through.

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