Marketing Basics

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Marketing Basics

How to handle online complaints
In the hospitality industry, above all else, it is the experience that is sold. Those experiences may come in the form of dining, hotel stays or retail purchases. Long after a meal is finished, the major takeaway is…

Eight ways to make your restaurant kid-friendly
Restaurants that target families have to cater to both parents and their children. Kids are very influential in choosing a restaurant to dine, and are potentially your biggest customers. Today’s average parent will…

Using social media to improve your restaurant’s bottom line
On a typical day, Canadians make a combined 18 million visits to the country’s 89,000 food and beverage venues, creating annual revenues for the industry of about $72 billion. That’s a lot of competition!

Five ways to create a strong first impression with your outdoor signage
You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Your outdoor signage is much more than the name of your restaurant, it’s your customer’s initial encounter with your restaurant. Your…

Three wine styles to feature on your holiday wine list
The holidays are on the horizon. There’s a reason it’s called the most wonderful time of the year: your guests are cheerful and celebrating, bonuses are coming in and most people have saved all year to be…

Seven rules to successfully open a restaurant
Opening a new restaurant from scratch is a lot more complicated than you think.  My parents had a restaurant together and later on, my mother opened a small bakery. From my years of helping…

Beers of the world to pair with your holiday menu
The world of beer is both ever-expanding and ever-confusing.  Since 1842 and the invention of Pilsners, we have seen over 150 years of thirst-quenching, easy-drinking beers.

Tips to avoid the health-conscious ‘veto vote’
There are many things restaurants can do to capitalize on Canadians’ desire to live better by eating healthier. The trick is to look beyond the usual tactics, namely reducing calories, sodium or fat by…

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