Sake Institute of Ontario announces 5th annual Kampai Toronto Festival of Sake

Press release

The Sake Institute of Ontario (SIO) is proud to announce the 5th annual Kampai Toronto Festival of Sake taking place on Friday June 3rd at the Fermenting Cellar in the historic Distillery District, Toronto.

Kampai Toronto is the largest sake tasting event in Canada, with sold out crowds for the last 4 years. The over 850 attendees includes sake brewers, restaurateurs, industry experts, media, and general sake enthusiasts.

Festival info

Attendees have the opportunity to meet brewers, learn about sake, and taste a wide selection of sake, often not easily accessible to the general public.

Kampai Toronto is a cultural, food, and sake festival showcasing sake from over 40 breweries from Japan and around the world, featuring over 150 sakes with many brewers flying in from Japan specifically for the event.

The festival also showcases a selection of tasting items from Toronto’s top local Japanese and contemporary restaurant partners: Miku Toronto, Ki Modern Japanese, Kinka Group, Kingyo Izakaya, Nome Izakaya, Ginko, Ryoji, Zakkushi Yakitori, and Don Don Izakaya, all available with the purchase of tasting tickets.

The daytime festival includes a seminar sponsored by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO Toronto) led by internationally renowned John Gauntner, (Sake Educator + Writer, Sake Samurai, Sake Today Magazine – Founder) on sake and food pairing with contemporary cuisine, followed by a sake tasting exclusively for restaurateurs, trade, and media.

The evening sake festival is open to the public offering a wide selection of sake and food available with the purchase of tasting tickets.

Also new this year, the SIO will be offering two master class sessions open to the public for those looking to learn more about sake from Canada’s growing network of certified sake specialists.

New format

This year’s festival will be changing the format slightly to accommodate requests for more information and education, a longer tasting period for the public, more food options throughout the event, more premium sakes, as well as a lighter tasting option for those new to sake.

Ticket info

Regular admission will be similar to past years with an Early-Bird Tasting Package for $75, and $80 after May 6th, 2016.

A new Introductory Tasting Package with fewer tasting tickets will be available for $45 to invite those new to sake to give it a try, and a $100 Premium Tasting Package with early entrance which includes 6 Premium sake tasting tickets.

The Premium tasting tickets can be redeemed for special, limited reserve sake at each booth.

$75 Early-Bird Tasting Package (available until May 6th, 2016)

  • General Admission
  • 60 Tasting Tickets

$80 Regular Tasting Package (available after May 6th, 2016)

  • General Admission
  • 60 Tasting Tickets

$45 Introductory Tasting Package

  • General Admission
  • 20 Tasting Tickets

$100 Premium Tasting Package

  • Early Access from 5-6PM
  • General Admission
  • 60 Tasting Tickets
  • 6 Premium Tasting Tickets

* Additional Tasting Tickets will be available onsite for $20 for 20 tickets.
* Tickets subject to online processing fees.

About sake

Sake was designated the national beverage of Japan in 2012 due to its long history and cultural significance. Although sake has been in production in Japan for over a thousand years, it’s recent resurgence in the Japanese and international market is partially due to its elegance and versatility when paired with other international cuisines.

Unlike other alcohols, most sake is produced in small batches at artisanal breweries and is considered craft with many distinct classifications.

Kampai Toronto is a rare opportunity to experience the depth and complexity of this Japanese tradition.

About the SIO

Established in 2012, the Sake Institute of Ontario (SIO) is a not-for-profit trade organization of Ontario-based sake distributors and manufacturers with the principal objective of educating and promoting sake.

Along with Kampai Toronto, the SIO also hosts a series of events, seminars, as well as regular online publications throughout the year to promote the education and awareness of one of Japan’s national treasures.


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