Swiss Chalet launches virtual mobile experience

Canadian casual dining chain Swiss Chalet is launching a new augmented reality (AR) experience through its mobile app.

Chalet World will be available exclusively on the Swiss Chalet mobile app and will take guests beyond mealtime to offer them “a fun and interactive way to play games and discover surprises”.

The feature will include “The Canadian Chalet”, an interactive prize-filled Canadian-style chalet.

That will be one of several experiences and features built into Chalet World, which will also include a series of mini-games and an interactive 360 environment with “Easter Egg”-type animated moments that users can discover as they play.

Other specific features include:

  • Trivia — Users can play and compete in different categories including History & Geography, Canadiana, Sports, and more
  • Head2Head — Guests can place phone on their forehead and play with a friend to guess what the word is on each other’s screen, similar to the popular mobile game Heads Up
  • Set The Mood — Users can add some ambiance to mealtime by setting the “mood” with featured music

Additionally, the app will also be laden with strategically placed surprise offers and coupons for guests to discover.

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Swiss Chalet’s AR experience has been developed by Glimpse, a diversified Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality platform company that provides enterprise-focused VR and AR software & services solutions.

There are three easy steps to enter Chalet World:

  1. Find the sticker seal with code on the takeout bag
  2. Open the Swiss Chalet mobile app, click ‘More’ on the bottom right, then “Scan for Chalet World”
  3. Scan the sticker, and start exploring!

“We know there is a limited number of apps our guests keep on their phones, so we wanted to differentiate ourselves and maximize the value of our app so guests will continue using it, even outside of mealtime”, says Ron Simard, Swiss Chalet’s Chief Operating Officer. “Chalet World allows us to introduce Swiss Chalet to a much younger audience while still staying true to our history and reward loyalists for being part of our heritage. As we learn more about how our guests are engaging with Chalet World, we will continue adding more interactive elements and features.”

Swiss Chalet, is a holding of Recipe Unlimited Corp., one of Canada’s largest full-service restaurant companies which also operates the Harvey’s fast-food brand. ) Swiss Chalet has over 200 locations across Canada.

Guests can download Swiss Chalet’s mobile app on the Apple App Store or Android Google Play. For more details about the Chalet World experience, visit