Tim Hortons steps up environmentally-friendly measures

In light of the Canadian government’s proposed ban on single-use plastics, and to mark Waste Reduction Week, Tim Hortons has been announcing a slew of new sustainability and environmentally-friendly measures.

In addition to the recent announcement that it will transition to paper straws by early next year, the chain has confirmed the following moves:

  • “Significant improvements” to its paper napkins by 2021, including new napkins made with 100 per cent recycled fibre and which use 25 per cent less material. The change to the new napkins is expected to save 900 tonnes of paper each year.
  • Introducing new paper-based wrappers for sandwiches and bagels that are fully recyclable, while also cutting the use of paper by 17 per cent annually. The new packaging, expected to be in restaurants in January, is estimated to reduce more than 460 tonnes of plastic over the next year.
  • Eliminating the practice of “double-cupping” drinks by instead using 100 per cent recycled and recyclable cardboard sleeves. Tims says this move should eliminate the unnecessary use of more than 200 million cups per year, the equivalent of wrapping half the circumference of the planet with Tim Hortons cups.
  • Piloting a first-of-its-kind initiative to give customers the option of paying a refundable deposit to receive reusable and returnable cups or food containers with their order to reduce single-use waste.
  • “Improving” more than three billion units of packaging over the next year across Canada, including the removal of more than one billion single-use plastics.

SOURCE: Tim Hortons

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