Tip of the Week: Offer your guests a variety of non-alcoholic beverages

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While most establishments cater to guests that drink alcohol, many do not offer an array of non-alcoholic specialty beverages for those that do not wish to imbibe or younger patrons. Restaurant owners and operators that place a focus on specialty non-alcoholic beverages are more likely to get repeat visitors from these guests than those establishments that only offer pop or water.

Treat guests to something unique and delicious. Try offering smoothies or fresh-squeezed juices as a healthy and refreshing option, or have a bartender mix up a specialty non-alcoholic cocktail with juices, club soda and flavoured syrups. Even consider holding a contest for guests to create a specialty non-alcoholic cocktail recipe, hold a tasting competition and declare a winner that will be placed on your menu for a season. These ideas are just scratching the surface – non-alcoholic beverages offer you as a restaurateur many options to entice your guests!

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