Tip of the Week: Preparing roasted squash

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The thick skin of squash can be difficult to remove using your conventional vegetable peeler. For efficient, easy and consistent peeling, Chef Culinary Instructor Steven Walker-Duncan of Camosun College in Victoria, British Columbia recommends removing the stem end and cutting a thin portion from the bottom to create a flat, even surface. This will also prevent the squash from rolling about.

Using a chef knife, lightly slice away the peel with one even cut, moving from top to bottom. Be careful not to cut into the flesh during any slicing motions. Once complete, remove the seeds with a spoon and cut the squash into thick, even slices. Next, place the squash onto a parchment-lined baking sheet, drizzle with oil and bake until tender. Finally, remove and discard the skin and your squash is ready for your dishes.

For the full recipe and more chef insider tips see here: http://www.clubhouseforchefs.ca/Recipes/Pork/Cinnamon-Squash-and-Amaranth-Thai-Pork-Ramen.

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