Tip of the Week: Summer specials and promotions for the win!

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The summer can often be the busiest time of the year for bars and restaurants, particularly those with patios. Take advantage of all that extra business by upselling special promotions for your summertime guests.

Special prices on summertime staples can go a long way. A summer menu can contain refreshing drinks, such as a tart cider or a frozen daiquiri, as well as cooling foods, such as meal-sized salads served with a fruity vinaigrette or unique starters such as a watermelon gazpacho. Offer deals on these items to see them flying off your shelves in the heat.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of gimmicks – setting up a barbecue on your restaurant’s patio can draw guests in from the street, thanks to the distinctive smell of grilling meat. Feature grilled items you don’t usually serve to make it extra special.

Finally, consider offering a deal on an ice cream or frozen yogurt-based dessert. Adults and children all love this cold treat, so adding it on as a complimentary dessert to a barbecued meal or as part of a fixed menu can do wonders for keeping guests coming back.

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