Zero-click ordering

Zero-click ordering from Domino’s – when one click is too many

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Domino’s Pizza, the recognized Canadian leader in pizza delivery and digital ordering platforms, is launching the easiest way for consumers to order yet: Zero-click ordering. As a brand that is committed to providing customers with ordering choices, the NEW Zero-click app for iOS and Android is available now and allows customers to easily place their Easy Order.

When Domino’s Canada launched the Easy Order in 2015, which refined the ordering experience down to five clicks, it seemed like the height of convenience for consumers. It wasn’t. Zero-click ordering is as easy as it sounds.

Download the app and link it to your Domino’s Pizza Profile. When the new app is opened, the saved Easy Order is automatically re-ordered without a single tap, swipe or click. Customers will see a 10-second countdown timer before the order is placed (giving consumers a chance to stop their order) and voila!

“We are constantly thinking about new ways to make ordering more accessible and easier for our customers,” said Michael Curran, President, Domino’s Pizza of Canada. “Zero-click ordering will revolutionize the pizza ordering experience…as there is no easier way to order.”

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About Domino’s Pizza® of Canada

With over 440 Stores in every province and two of three Territories, Domino’s Pizza of Canada are “the Pizza Delivery Experts”. Domino’s Pizza of Canada Ltd. (DPC) is a privately held company and is the Canadian Franchisee of Domino’s Pizza International Franchising, Inc. of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Domino’s Pizza, the recognized world leader in pizza delivery opened their first international store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1983. Thirty-one years later In May 2014 Domino’s Pizza celebrated the opening of their 11,000 store globally in Brantford Ontario. Today Domino’s has more than 14,000 stores in over 85 markets.

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