Asian-inspired beef dishes top the list on Canadian menus

By Kristin Menas
Asian beef is the most popular type of beef dish by a significant margin. As we watch Asian flavours and concepts trend upward in Canada, we are seeing authentic Asian beef dishes proliferate on menus. Popular varieties are beef and broccoli, bulgogi, ginger beef and Szechuan beef. These beef dishes are profiling a variety of Asian cuisines, such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
Second on the list of popular beef dishes is veal, the meat of calves. This protein is most frequently used in Italian entrées, such as osso buco, veal parmigiana and veal piccata. In addition, veal is often marinated or braised and served in traditional cuts like chops and tenderloin. There are also some non-Italian veal entrée listings, such as the German veal schnitzel at Bier Markt.

Rounding out the top four are two popular cuts of beef: strip steak and sirloin/top sirloin. Both of these beef dishes are widely popular steak types at most steakhouses as well as non-steak-focused venues. Strip steak and sirloin both rank higher than other beef cuts, including rib-eye and filet mignon. According to Technomic’s 2015 Canadian Centre of the Plate Consumer Trend Report, 52 per cent of consumers say they eat sirloin/top sirloin most often and 12 per cent report eating strip steak most often. This could be largely due to cost differences between the two cuts.

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