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Boost customer satisfaction through restaurant cleanliness

By Roy Getz

Customer satisfaction is key to the success of any restaurant and cleanliness plays a big role in that. Happy customers will spread the word about a great experience and become loyal patrons. It’s important for management and staff to view the cleanliness of a restaurant from a customer’s perspective and the impact it can have on their decision to return.

Outside looking in

From the moment a customer pulls onto the parking lot, they are seeing and smelling the messages you’re sending about your establishment. As a customer approaches the entrance, even the least observant will notice sidewalk cleanliness, overflowing trash containers, a dirty entrance floor or sticky, smudged doors, windows and handles. Consider these best practices to keep outside areas in check:

Soiled sidewalks: Sidewalks serve as customer walkways, but are often used to bring product into the building or remove trash. These heavy traffic areas can become soiled, sending a negative message to your customers. Keep this area clean, removing dirt daily and preventing build-up.

Windows and doors: Smudges, fingerprints, and dirt can leave a negative impression. Assign staff to clean windows and doors regularly. Use multipurpose products from a trusted brand designed to clean glass and other surfaces to help employees get the job done right the first time.

Make every experience count

Now that your customer has made their way through the front door, there are many signals inside the restaurant that can contribute to their first impression.

Sparkling floors: A dirty, sticky floor can send the wrong message to customers. Floors should be sparkling clean. Teach staff proper techniques to sweep and mop daily, using a high-quality floor cleaner. Remember to clean all corners, door thresholds and rotate sections of floor deep cleaning every night.

Clean restrooms: In the 2015 P&G Professional Cleaning Industry Insights (CII) Survey, cleaning managers ranked the bathroom as the most important area to keep clean, as well as the most difficult area to keep clean. A dirty bathroom can be the cause for customer complaints, and may leave customers wondering if the back of the house is as dirty as the restroom.

Assign staff to routinely clean bathrooms and follow a daily checklist. Utilize a multipurpose cleaner that can get the job done right the first time. Restock all paper products and mop floors several times a day and deep clean each night.

Sticky surfaces: If your surfaces are sticky, it means the soil has not been removed. The most efficient way to clean is with a multipurpose cleaner that cleans and disinfects in one step. This helps ensure that you are truly removing the soil, as well as disinfecting the surface.

Partner with a cleaning supplier who can help your restaurant address cleaning and food safety practices. By making every experience count through cleanliness, operators can increase customer satisfaction, which may boost customer loyalty and profits.

About the author:

Roy Getz is Chairman, Ohio Restaurant Association and P&G Professional Advisory Council Member. For additional resources, visit P&G Professional University at

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