Epic S'mores III

How about serving up s’mores?

By Shelby Morrison

The taste of s’mores instantly brings us back to evenings by the campfire. There is something so nostalgic and delicious about this roasted creation.  Once the marshmallow has been toasted to a perfect, gooey golden brown and the graham crackers have been topped with chocolate, the s’mores come to life.

Although you probably won’t have a campfire at your restaurant, these classic treats can still be emulated and enjoyed.  Marshmallows can be toasted in the oven or using a blowtorch. Once combined with toppings and graham crackers, your customers will think they are at the cottage or in the backyard.

Traditional s’mores may be pretty much perfect, but here are a few ways to get creative and make unique versions of this dessert to really impress your customers.

  1. Peanut Butter

Try spreading your graham cracker with peanut butter either in place of chocolate or in addition to a piece of chocolate. The combination of marshmallow, peanut butter and chocolate can really take your s’mores up a notch!

  1. Nutella

Similar to the peanut butter idea and just as mouth-watering, spread Nutella all over your graham crackers for a nuttier, chocolatey flavour. Anything that includes Nutella on a menu instantly excites most customers.

  1. Oreo

If you love splitting your Oreos in half, this idea is perfect for you. Simply bake thin chocolate cookies like the ends of an Oreo and stuff your roasted marshmallow between the two chocolate cookie halves. Swapping out graham crackers may seem untraditional, but once you try it you’ll know why it was suggested.

  1. Savoury

This really may be going out on a whim, but who knows, it could just be your customers’ new favourite snack! Try a savoury version of s’mores that don’t include marshmallows at all. Instead, take a semi-soft cheese that holds its shape such as fresh mozzarella and roast it. Once it gets warm and gooey, place it between two crackers and add some homemade spread, such as chipotle aioli or sundried tomato spread. To emulate a Caprese salad, use basil pesto.

  1. Fruit

Bananas pair extremely well with chocolate and still taste delicious warm. Place a banana on your graham cracker and allow the chocolate and banana to melt and blend together to create a warm and gooey treat.

With these creative s’mores ideas, your summer dessert menu just got a little more delicious. Have some fun with your creations and really think out of the box! Your customers will thank you.

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