MTLàTABLE 2017 generates $9-mil in revenue for 175 participating restaurants

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More than 131,000 locals and tourists got a taste of Montréal cuisine and the city’s internationally acclaimed culinary creativity during MTLàTABLE, an event presented by Aeroplan. This year, the increasingly popular food celebration took place over 15 days, a longer period than usual, to mark Montréal’s 375th anniversary. It generated over $9 million for participating restaurants, which is 59 per cent more than in 2016.

The 6th annual MTLàTABLE showcased local and regional products, delighting restaurant operators and consumers. A survey conducted by Tourisme Montréal indicated that, on average, chefs included 10 local products on their menus, and 86 per cent stated that they would like to see this theme return in future editions of the event.

In addition, 91 per cent of restaurant owners rated their experience as positive or very positive. The 35 restaurants that participated in the event for the first time reported a 55 per cent increase in traffic compared to the same period last year. Meanwhile, 97 per cent of consumers were satisfied with the list of participating restaurants, and 40 per cent said 2017 was the first year they attended MTLàTABLE1.

“Not only is gastronomy a key component of Montréal’s identity, it’s also a creative cultural industry that boosts the city’s economic development and reputation. We’re thrilled that our restaurant event is so successful,” said Yves Lalumière, President and CEO of Tourisme Montréal.

According to Ginette Thibault, who works at Beaux-Arts restaurant, MTLàTABLE was a resounding success this year. “Congratulations to Tourisme Montréal! This initiative is a great way for restaurant-goers to discover the city’s talented chefs and the wealth of local products available.”

Presented by Aeroplan, MTLàTABLE is also made possible thanks to support from partners like the Québec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, SAQ, Cacao Barry, ESKA, Air Canada and the Association des restaurateurs du Québec.


A Tourisme Montréal initiative, MTLàTABLE is an invitation to celebrate Montréal cuisine. This culinary event showcases delicious food at a set price ($15 for brunch; $21/$31/$41 for dinner) in 175 restaurants across the city. For more information about MTLàTABLE, go to

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