Silver Chef announces $500 million to back Canadian hospitality businesses

Press release

Silver Chef, Canada’s leading dedicated hospitality funding partner, recently announced $500 million dollars to provide to Canadian hospitality businesses, to help them grow and achieve their potential over the next five years.

The $500 million investment is open to all Canadian hospitality businesses, including restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, clubs and franchises. This financing can be used to purchase equipment, through Silver Chef’s unique and flexible ‘Rent-Try-Buy®’ model, allows businesses to try before they buy equipment.

This program allows hospitality operators to rent the right equipment without having to commit to large amounts of capital upfront, allowing them to grow their business. Along with financing, Silver Chef will provide education resources to businesses to support their growth.

“Silver Chef is committed to the sustainability and longevity of Canada’s hospitality industry, and our ‘Let’s Make It Happen’ initiative is testament to this,” said Robert Phelps, president, Silver Chef Canada. “Forecasts from Restaurants Canada indicate how higher operating costs and a slowdown in consumer spending will impact the hospitality industry this year. At a time when many Canadian hospitality businesses are facing significant challenges, Silver Chef is here to offer support to small and medium sized businesses every step of the way.”

Silver Chef has already supported over 30,000 hospitality businesses globally, including over 2000 in Canada. Through its ‘Let’s Make It Happen’ initiative, Silver Chef plans to support the growth of thousands more businesses over the next five years.

This finance is being raised through global investment. Hospitality businesses can learn more about this initiative or apply for funding by visiting

About Silver Chef

Silver Chef was established in 1986 to help businesses fund their equipment needs through the Rent-Try-Buy ® model. For more information, please visit