Tim Hortons spills the beans on new latte coming to all Canadian locations

All Canadians need to say is ‘latte’ to get a hand-crafted beverage made with the perfect balance of espresso and freshly steamed milk to deliver a premium coffee experience Press release Tim Hortons has announced its solution to a world of long-winded, overwhelming coffee orders – its new, perfectly uncomplicated latte. Tim Hortons Guests need […]

McCafé brews up new espresso bean blend

Press release New equipment and espresso blend expertise delivers an unmatched McCafé coffee experience for Canadian coffee lovers McDonald’s Canada is announcing the next step in the evolution of its coffee journey, where from coast-to-coast each McCafé specialty beverage is now made with a new, espresso bean blend created for Canadian coffee lovers. McDonald’s and its franchisees are […]

Starbucks introduces Granitas as part of its new Sunset Menu

Starbucks has been giving Frappuccino lovers plenty of new options lately with the recent introduction of new drinks. Now they are introducing a frozen beverage that is on the lighter side with new Starbucks Granitas. These are a refreshing and lighter alternative to the Frappuccino, or even an iced coffee. Participating locations throughout Canada and […]