The Top 10 Ways To Use Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste

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With authentic and aromatic flavours hailing straight from Thailand, Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste is a fresh, versatile cooking sauce that can be incorporated into a variety of dishes. The red curry paste blends together Thai herbs like lemongrass, galangal (Thai ginger) and fresh red chilis. This paste may be used most commonly in stir fries or curries, but the delicious options don’t end there. Check out our top 10 ways you can elevate and enhance your next dish with red curry paste!


Add a kick to your freshly made hummus when you add Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste. It’s a healthy dip for your favourite veggies or crackers.


Try adding Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste to hamburgers or veggie burgers to create a curry burger!


Your vegetarian dish just got a whole new level of flavour that’s sure to satisfy both veggie and meat lovers alike.


Blend with honey, vegetable oil and spices for a tasty marinade that can be used on meats like pork and chicken, or fish like haddock or salmon.


Who says a tomato based sauce is the best sauce for pizza? Try a Red Curry pizza by incorporating Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk, fresh basil, herbs and mozzarella.


Why not add a little spice for breakfast! Try incorporating Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste into a breakfast bowl with eggs and avocado to start your day off right.


Take your salad to the next level, by adding a hint of heat with Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste. Try it in your next vinaigrette or creamy dressing.


Try spreading Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste onto fish before grilling or steaming, or use it as the base for any seafood, clam or mussel dish.


Step up your taco game by using Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste as a spread for sandwiches or tacos.


Last but certainly not least, the most beloved use of Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste goes to the traditional Thai Red Curry!