Top types of sandwiches

By Kristin Menas
Chicken sandwiches and wraps are the most popular type of sandwiches on Canadian menus, according to MenuMonitor data. Chicken is also a widely preferred type of sandwich protein among consumers. Technomic’s 2014 Canadian Sandwich Consumer Trend Report found that more than half of consumers prefer chicken breast for lunch and dinner sandwiches. Chicken is a diverse protein, which allows for experimentation with flavours and preparations.

Veggie sandwiches and wraps hold second place on the list. The majority of these sandwiches and wraps are ethnic options, featuring meat-free fillings like falafel and tofu. For example, guests have the option of adding smoked tofu to The CHOPPED LEAF’s Asian-inspired Bangkok Wrap, made with lettuce, peppers, snow peas, onions, noodles, cilantro and peanuts.

Club sandwiches are the third most-popular type of sandwich on Canadian menus. This classic, double-decker variety consists of three slices of bread between layers of chicken or turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato. It’s a staple on many restaurant menus, but operators are also introducing their own take on club sandwiches, such as Cactus Club Cafe’s BBQ Duck Clubhouse Sandwich with Peking duck, roasted chicken and prosciutto on pecan-fruit bread.

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