Tourisme Montréal welcomes Délice, a global network of food destinations

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While Montréal en Lumière welcomes some of the world’s top chefs for its 18th edition, Tourisme Montréal is rolling out the red carpet for delegates from Délice, a global network of food destinations.

Created in 2007 as an initiative from the city of Lyon, the Délice network aims to connect experts from different food destinations so that they can work together to boost the industry.

From March 1 to 3, representatives from 15 of the network’s member cities will come to taste Montréal cuisine and discuss global trends shaping the tourism and food industries. How are different tourism bureaus structuring their gastronomic cultures to gain international recognition for their cities?

According to the World Tourism Organization, food tourism is one of the tourism industry’s most dynamic and creative segments. Food and wine have become essential components of any destination’s culture and lifestyle offerings and, as such, they have become a major incentive for travellers. This is why Tourisme Montréal has considered food tourism a top priority for several years now.

“Montréal is in an excellent position to become one of North America’s leading food destinations. Against this background, it has become essential for Tourisme Montréal to mobilize stakeholders in the local food scene with a view to enhancing the city’s culinary reputation. Tourists know that while they’re here, they can enjoy outstanding meals featuring local products and in a welcoming atmosphere,” said Pierre Bellerose, Vice-President, Public Relations, Hospitality, Research and Product Development at Tourisme Montréal.

Montréal, which is Québec’s food capital, was selected as the host city for one of Délice’s annual meetings based on its unique gastronomic initiatives—all of which add to the city’s vibrancy, particularly as it celebrates its 375th anniversary this year.

“Montréal has 92 restaurants per square kilometre, and these establishments offer cuisine from 120 different countries. The gastronomic culture in Montréal is very unique. Our delegates are coming to learn from and be inspired by Montréal’s innovative food initiatives and practices. For example, they will have the chance to visit Lufa Farms, a firm that specializes in urban agriculture,” said Olivier Marette, President of Délice.

About Tourisme Montréal  

Tourisme Montréal is responsible for providing leadership in the concerted efforts of hospitality and promotion in order to position Montréal as a destination on leisure and business travel markets. It is also responsible for developing Montréal’s tourism product in accordance with the ever-changing conditions of the market. For more information, visit

About Délice

Initiated by the city of Lyon in 2007, the Délice Network is made up of 22 food destinations on four continents. These cities are all considered leading gastronomic destinations thanks to their cultural heritage or the diversity of their culinary offering. Though Délice, local institutions in member cities can share their best practices, gain inspiration from other members and forge partnerships centred on the enjoyment of good food. For more information, visit

*Délice has 22 members around the world: Aarhus (Denmark), Barcelona (Spain), Birmingham (England), Bordeaux (France), Brussels (Belgium), Cape Winelands (South Africa), Chicago (USA), Gothenburg (Sweden), Guangzhou (China), Helsinki (Finland), Hong Kong (China), Izmir (Turkey), Lausanne (Switzerland), Leipzig (Germany), Lisbon (Portugal), Lyon (France), Madrid (Spain), Montréal (Canada), Puebla (Mexico), Riga (Estonia), Stavanger (Norway), Turin (Italy)

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