Valentine's Day

Spice up your menu this Valentine’s Day

By Sydney Ahmadian

Valentine’s Day is one of the most profitable days of the year for restaurants. But what are customers looking for this year?

Platforms like TikTok and Instagram continually popularize specific ingredients and flavours, giving restaurants a golden opportunity to piggyback on large holidays.

Marketing these trendy ingredients can be a great way to grab your customers’ attention and guarantee a memorable experience. For the best results, create not just a Valentine’s Day menu but also a flyer to complete your holiday marketing campaign.

Struggling for ideas? Check out these five trendy Valentine’s Day special ideas to boost your holiday profits.

Miso chicken skewers – the perfect sharing finger food

Miso chicken skewers

Umami flavours are in this year. Flavourful and rich, miso pairs beautifully with chicken and other meats. Served as an appetizer or entree, skewers are great finger food that can be dressed up or down depending on the style of your restaurant.

Baked ziti

The pandemic gave consumers a new appreciation for nostalgic comfort food. This classic Italian dish takes less time to prepare than a lasagna but achieves a similar cheesy flavour.

Wedge salad

Wedge salads are a great offering for vegetarians and vegans going out for Valentine’s Day. More filling than a traditional salad, the beauty of a wedge salad is its customizability, acting as a large vessel for any number of toppings you choose to put on. Caramelized walnuts and a zesty dressing will make this one a Valentine’s Day sensation.

Black truffle and steak pasta

Who doesn’t love truffle pasta? Add a steak option and you’ve got yourself an instant showstopper that works for a wide variety of customers.

Lamb shank – classic, hearty, and understated

Lamb shank

Classic, hearty, and understated –  a beautifully roasted lamb shank is a perfect meal for two. Pair this classic with hearty sides and a local wine for a night to remember.

A night of great eating to remember

Couples and groups looking for a good time on Valentine’s Day want an experience to remember. That starts by creating a menu with trendy dishes that will get any foodie curious. Don’t forget to add mood lighting, romantic music, and an unforgettable dessert menu to top the night off. 

Have fun, and good luck chef!

Sydney Ahmadian is a self-described digital marketing nerd and writer on the MustHaveMenus editorial team. You can find her cooking in the kitchen of her Bay Area treehouse

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