Mirvik releases face mask inspired by chef’s uniform technology

Press Release

Mirvik Uniforms & Merchandise has launched a reusable face mask made with the same technology as their chef’s uniform. The mask utilizes a liquid-repelling, premium twill fabric that prevents penetration of splashed droplets.

“Seeing all the disposable masks and gloves filling up our landfills brought a clear need and awareness for reusable washable masks,” commented Victoria Kelechian, Partner & Chief Product Officer at Mirvik.

Along with the water-repellent, twill fabric technology, the masks feature eight layers, three of fabric and five of filters. The PM 2.5 filters are made with activated carbon and last up to five days. There is an exhale valve to allow for easy breathing and adjustable ear loops for comfort and fit, which Mirvik tested over the course of several weeks with major restaurant chain employees.

The masks, which are designed and tested in Canada, come in reusable, Ziplock-style packaging to ensure minimal contact during shipping and handling. Information for proper wear and care is also provided.

For more information, visit the Mirvik Uniforms & Merchandise website.

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