New Becel with Avocado Oil launches with pop-up restaurant

Toronto consumers invited to Graffiti Alley for exclusive dining experience with famed chef Matt Dean Pettit Press release Avocados are one of the biggest food trends, but despite their popularity, a recent survey commissioned by Becel showed that one in two Canadians don’t know how to incorporate avocados into their meals and recipes. Addressing these barriers, […]

Five questions: Chef Matt Dean Pettit

By Marian Staresinic Chef Matt Dean Pettit is the founder of Rock Lobster Food Co. Since his first-ever pop-up event in March 2012, Rock Lobster has a bustling restaurant and a successful wholesale and retail seafood line, Matty’s Seafood. Matt’s latest exciting projects are his cookbook, The Great Lobster Cookbook, which was published by Random House and has since become a […]