Soup Delivers

Press Release With more than 1 in 10 Canadians ordering delivery from a full-service restaurant at least once per week1, it’s time to get serious about what you’re sending out the door. Soup maintains its quality when reheated, offers easy transport and great variety! Need another reason? When Soup is included in a meal, the eater cheque […]

Campbell’s Soup: What you put in, and what you leave out

Press Release As your partner in bringing real, carefully crafted foods, Campbell’s Foodservice always strives for the best. Sometimes wholesome, hearty food is about what you put in — but it can also be about what you leave out. We decided to make our soups with only real ingredients, all with the intent to keep the […]

Where you take our soup is limited only by your imagination!

Press release We have some wonderfully creative thought starters for you!  With more than 40 great new recipes you can create an array of fab dishes!  It’s easy and we know you can create even more! A Moroccan Couscous Bowl starts with Campbell’s® Verve® Moroccan Style Nine Vegetable Soup.  You add in the chickpeas, yogurt, […]

New Campbell’s Verve Carrot Parsnip Bisque with Ginger: Big flavour, simple ingredients

Press release Campbell’s Verve® soups bring together rich stock, real cream and wonderfully, delicious ingredients, making it easy to serve your customers amazing flavour in every bowl. Our Verve® Carrot Parsnip Bisque with Ginger combines carrots and parsnips simmered with onions, cream and butter, finished with a hint of ginger. A delicious combination inspired to […]

Campbell’s Scratch Starters: The perfect beginning for every ending

Press release Create delicious soups, sauces and entrées in minutes using classic and on-trend flavours from Campbell’s FoodService. Our full line of flavourful broths, stocks and bases make it easy to create scratch recipes your customers will crave. Campbell’s® BROTHS are full of flavour and simmered to perfection with quality ingredients. Providing unlimited flexibility, they bring […]