Cleaning Smart: Ease of use, energy efficiency top the list for new dish washing equipment

From the winter 2017 issue of CRFN Canadian Restaurant & Foodservice News asked Phil Beauvais, market manager at Hobart Canada, and Rodney Yeung, professional division product manager at Miele Ltd., about the latest trends and developments in commercial ware and dish washing. Read on to hear what they had to say. What are some of […]

What’s new in dishwashing and cleaning

Canadian Restaurant & Foodservice News recently asked two leading suppliers about the latest developments in dishwashing and cleaning supplies for commercial foodservice. Here is what Patricia Briere, account manager with Avmor and Tara Fuller, Marketing Manager, Institutional, at Ecolab, had to say… What are some of the major trends and developments when it comes to […]

How dishwashing detergents have changed with the times

By Patricia Brière Look at any advertisement for a liquid dishwashing detergent—whether the product is for home, commercial, or institutional use—and you will invariably see two words used over and over again: grease cutting. It’s not hard to understand why manufacturers of dishwashing liquids place such an emphasis on these words. Cooking grease and oils […]

Seven ways to get the most from your commercial dishwasher

Water is the most-used commodity in North American restaurants. In fact, it is estimated that the average restaurant consumes over 30 litres of water per patron. For an establishment seating 100 patrons per day, that adds up to more than one million litres a year. More than half of this water is likely used in […]

Tips for choosing and maintaining dishwashing equipment

By Sean Moon Dishwashing equipment, the true workhorse of any restaurant kitchen, can also be an unsung hero for foodservice operators in terms of cost-savings and energy efficiency. While the basic functions and purpose of dish and warewashing equipment have remained fairly constant over the years, manufacturers are adding new, money-saving features every year. Canadian […]