SkipTheDishes offers rebate, 0 per cent commission for Canadian restaurants during second wave

Press release

Canada’s largest food delivery network SkipTheDishes has announced further initiatives to support its restaurant partners through new waves of restrictions as provinces begin to implement new measures to manage the COVID-19 pandemic’s second wave.

As a Canadian leader in food delivery, Skip is responding to the needs of its partners to develop an impactful support package for affected restaurants in regions experiencing restaurant closures that includes:

  • A 25 per cent rebate on commission for local, independent restaurant partners
  • 0 per cent commission rate for any new restaurants joining the network during the restriction period
  • Additional marketing and order-driving initiatives that can both increase repeat orders and attract new customers, like the upcoming launch of Skip Rewards
  • The continuation of its restaurant tipping initiative, which has seen over $1 million in generous donations from customers go directly to local restaurants
  • App functionality that allows partners to diversify their menu offerings, increasing orders and revenue

SkipTheDishes has already launched this support package for affected areas in both Ontario and Quebec, and is ready to action similar support across the country as provincial government restrictions of restaurants are announced.

“With pickup and delivery orders becoming a critical revenue stream for restaurants throughout the pandemic, Skip stands with our local partners throughout this new wave of restrictions,” says Kevin Edwards, CEO, SkipTheDishes. “We know that Skip has become not only a tool to practice social distancing but also a way to support local businesses during the pandemic.” 

Since the start of the pandemic, Skip has worked alongside its restaurant partners to proactively provide impactful support as they continue to navigate the continued effects of COVID-19 on the industry. To date, Skip has provided $24 million to its restaurant partners in commission rebates and order-driving initiatives.

SOURCE: SkipTheDishes