Sláinte! A night of Scotch pairings made for a rousing — and carousing — success

Wine pairings tend to get the most attention in hospitality, but what about Scotch? Members of CF Winnipeg were treated to a convincing seminar on the neglected pairing, tasting four rounds of whiskey, each one representative of a method, process and region that make it special. Gary Dawyduk, a product ambassador for the Grant Park […]

Age of change: Why millennials could be your biggest market

By Alex Powell and Priya Rao Kids these days! Usually when we utter those words it’s while we’re shaking our heads in dismay. Today, however, we’re thanking the millennial demographic (those born between 1982 and 1995) for a resurgence of interest in fine beverages. If you haven’t read this article from The Back Label yet, […]

TO Food Tours launches in Toronto

Press release Toronto is on the rise as one of the top destinations for unique food and culture experiences. Exploring the city beyond the typical tourist spots can be a daunting task which is why Toronto Food Tours has curated one of-a-kind culinary tours to help discover and explore our beloved city. From the reaches […]