Concept Watch: Brands are building identities that extend beyond the menu

By Sophie Mir The emphasis on local, seasonal food has become de rigueur industry wide. What started as a trendy, nose-to-tail movement has been co-opted by giants like McDonald’s, which, amongst other things, touts its Canadian beef (from independent farmers, no less). It’s a good thing, but when everyone’s doing it, it ceases to differentiate […]

Edible and Edifying: Kids take on nature, the kitchen and the classroom

By Debbie MacMillan The Culinary Federation isn’t just for working professionals. Last year, the Okanagan Chefs Association, an active CF branch, introduced Chefs in the Classroom — Edible Education, an initiative that teaches kids in grades three and four to appreciate what they eat, how it’s made and where it comes from through in-class workshops and […]